When your mom is a hunty

what does this meant what does any of this mean

it means why reblog if you don’t get the joke.
I look so tired and short.
The best thing about going to Art school is that I was allowed to be kooky.

i’m deleting like 1,000 pictures on my phone and a lot of them are of rihanna and guy fieri like…i can’t believe my interest

I remember i posted this and Tamara cleopatronising tagged it as farm ho like LMAO pleasee

i almost forgot that i go in. I just can’t dress for summer cause i’m all about drama. I haven’t mastered this season yet.

Wait…..did #SHE really?

this past nyfw was so fun because i went to an actual nyfw party with models and ppl that matter lol like i met laverne cox and she said she liked my hair and like me and my friends looked really rich and we weren’t tho i also didn’t have to wait to get into the club but tbh…

remember when i dressed up for a class trip to the museum of natural herstory because it was NYFW
Don’t ask me for shit